About Us

Prestige Learning Center is a quality Early Learning program in the Olney section of Philadelphia. With our two locations we are accessible and affordable to accommodate our families diverse child care needs. At Prestige Learning Center children are nurtured and encouraged to grow and develop and learn through fun and creativity.
Programs are delivered and instructed by qualified staff.

We believe that young children learn and grow best when they are provided with a safe and nurturing environment. In order for children to develop a positive self-image, it is our goal to help children develop routines of observation, questioning, and listening. We encourage children to be active thinkers, and to learn through experimentation and expression. Using real materials through play helps children develop intellectual skills and creative abilities that will last a lifetime.

We want children to value the importance of play as it encourages children to become enthusiastic learners and provides the foundation for academic learning. Through these important stages children will develop social skills and establish friendships that can assist them socially and emotionally.